The Lincoln County Cruisers was created in 2007 by a group of car enthusiasts. The LCC hosts cruises and garage tours for its members and meets regularly in Lincoln County, South Dakota. From 2007 until 2017, the Lincoln County Cruisers hosted the Canton Area Car Show in Downtown Canton. The Lincoln County Cruisers has supported many community organizations with donations totaling over $30,000 since its establishment.

PRESS RELEASE 03/11/2018

The Lincoln County Cruisers Car Club would like to thank our sponsors, the Canton Community and car show attendees for our ten successful years of producing the Canton Area Car Show. We were honored to be able to use the proceeds from this event to make donations to many organizations over the ten years including: Canton After Prom, Canton Wrestling Club, Shriners Hospital, Canton Ambulance, Canton Fire Department, Canton Library, Jack Fox Park, Little Mended Hearts, Love Inc., Little Miss Canton, Canton Band, Canton School District, and the annual Canton Veteran’s Day program. After careful consideration, we have decided to return our focus to the reason the Lincoln County Cruisers Car Club was formed. For this reason, the Lincoln County Cruisers will not be producing the Canton Area Car Show in 2018. We hope to focus our time on attending area events and hosting cruises with area car enthusiasts. If you are interested in joining the Lincoln County Cruisers Car Club, please email